Web Design and Software Develpment

Ecommerce Consulting

Ecom (ecommerce) addition for your exisitng website ? Need a full-featured catalog and shopping cart, along with real-time credit card processing? Precision Design offers the ideal way to add eCommerce to your existing or new Web site.

Precision Design provides ecommerce consulting and advisory services to help you establish an eCommerce strategy for your business. We help you explore the costs and benefits of using eCommerce and then to establish an appropriate strategy to make it a reality.

Your customers will see an exceptionally well designed, efficient site that’s easy to navigate. They will know that shopping for your company’s products will be easy and their credit card payments secure.

This is because Precision Design will:

  • Configure and design your ecom shopping cart
  • Build your catalog with pricing and pictures
  • Integrate secure certificate encryption
  • Enable credit card processing
  • Design email order receipt confirmation programs
  • Enable the logging and tracking of orders
  • Develop interfaces for real-time updates

Database Driven Web Site Design

Database driven web site design and database management solutions from Precision Design. Companies today are faced with an opportunity to transform their Web sites from collections of static, text-based information into dynamic business tools.

Database-driven pages offer advanced capabilities – such as publishing data from corporate databases into Web pages, displaying customer testimonials in a dynamic setting (online file storage backup), capturing user information, and customizing a visitor's view of a site around their individual needs and preferences.

And, as a new generation of Web-based buying and selling tools emerge, enabling industries to develop valuable new forms of one-on-one interaction with customers and suppliers, Precision Design works with you to combine the power of today's databases with the Web's ability to distribute information to transform your site.
Web Application and Database Integration

Web application and database integration services from Precision Design. Adding dynamic content to your Web site will provide a captivating experience, encourage customers to re-visit your site, and can help build an online community around your site. At Precision Design we have a dynamic and talented team of professionals that can create the applications that you need!

The most common Web based applications that Precision Design specializes in:

  • Online purchasing
  • Database integration
  • Web site search
  • Location maps
  • Message boards
  • Email newsletter template
  • Weekly polls
  • News feeds
  • Web site forum or chat room
  • And more..
Web Site Design

Web site design takes much more than just programming expertise and technical skills. It takes advanced planning, graphic design and strategic marketing expertise. At Precision Design we have a dynamic and talented team of professionals including marketing consultants, support executives, designers, illustrators, animators, and programmers that can offer the experience and quality workmanship you need for your professional Web site design project.

Precision Design specializes in developing Web sites that conveys our clients’ image, branding, and marketing messages while promoting their products and services. We begin every engagement with a thorough understanding of your requirements and providing Web designs that are visually stimulating, easy to navigate and help drive traffic to your site. Precision Design will then publish your site for you and maintain it to keep it competitive and looking fresh.

We have many satisfied clients that range from very small business owners to international corporations. Whether we create a “starter” site, new sections of existing sites, or a dynamic eCommerce site, Precision Design delivers an optimum Web solution that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.


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